Address Nozawa


Address Nozawa has its own private onsen baths, one for men, and one for ladies. The piping hot natural spring water will warm you to the core, and the mineral content will leave your skin glowing and refreshed. After showering off, ease yourself into the soothing bath, and think of… nothing.

As the old saying goes, “don’t just do something, sit there”.

A comfortable changing room completes the experience.

Kids Room

Address Nozawa is for everyone, and your smaller children will feel especially pampered. They have their own room, full of toys, books games, activities… just for them. If you ask nicely then perhaps you may be invited in, to read them a book, maybe, or watch their new game.

So when the weather’s bad, when your pride and joy just doesn’t feel like being outdoors, or – dare we say it – when you feel like an hour or so catching up on that novel yourself – come visit our kids room. Please note that the management accepts no responsibility for children who refuse to leave at dinner time.

We ask that parents/guardians do accompany smaller children, and in particular that you ask your children to tidy up after themselves so the next child will be equally excited to find the kids room.